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The French National chemical library (Chimiothèque Nationale) offers a diverse collection of 70,000 compounds and 15,000 original and little tested natural extracts. Packaged in a standardized form compatible with high- and medium-throughput screening, these compounds can be solicited in the framework of scientific collaborations, through simple, fast, inexpensive and legally protected procedures. The Chimiothèque Nationale also offers competent partners for hit-to-lead developments.

more info on the website of the Chimiothèque Nationale:
French Chemical Library (CN - complete collection)

52918 compounds on the July 23rd 2018: This collection is available in 96 or 384 well plates at a concentration of 5 mM in DMSO. Distributed volumes are between 1 and 3 μL in frozen standard plates. Nanoliter volumes can also be distributed. The participation fee is 0.30 € HT per well, shipping included.

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Essential Chemical Library (CNE)

The 1040 compounds in this selection reflect the chemical diversity of the complete compound library of the CN. The quality of the compounds was checked in 2018 and all compounds are at least 80% pure. This collection is available in 96 or 384 well plates at a concentration of 5 mM in DMSO. The distributed volumes are between 1 and 3 μL in frozen standard plates. The stability of these compounds in solution in DMSO was also checked. The participation fee to acquire the CNE is 1500 € HT, shipping costs included.

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Custom collections (cherry-picking)

It is possible to select only a subset of the National Chemical Library and to receive it in 96 or 384-well frozen plates. The selection of this subset can be achieved through molecular descriptors accessible online on the CN website or through chemoinformatic tools (analog search, virtual screening, etc ...). The cost contribution depends on the quantity of wells ordered (from 0.30 € / well for large requests up to 1.5 €/ well for small samples (shipping costs included).

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Targeted libraries

The compounds of the library have been annotated according to their belonging to chemical families such as "kinase-like", "GPCR-like", "iPPI-like", etc., in order to facilitate the selection targeted libraries.

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Dose-response plates

It is possible to prepare plates containing concentration ranges, for example to determine dose-response curves. The number of points (~ 10), the concentration range and the volume of the wells have to be defined according to the experimental test. The cost of the wells depends on the quantity of wells ordered.

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Extract library (global library)

A large collection (15116 on July 24th 2018) of natural extracts (plants, sponges, etc.) is available in frozen 96-well plates, in standard solutions (DMSO, 10 mg / mL). The whole collection is avalaible for screening.

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extract families

You may select the extracts from one or several botanic families. Like for the global library, the selected extracts are provided in frozen 96 wells microplates, in standard solution  (DMSO, 10 mg/mL).

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