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How to access and feed the « biotools » catalog of ChemBioFrance

  • What is a biotool ?...
    A biotool is a molecule that has been discovered, characterized, sometimes further developped, up to the level of a (or several) publication(s) or a patent(s), and with valuable informations on several key indicators such as target identity, high affinity/selectivity, functional effects in vitro, functional effects in vivo, compound availibility, physicochemical data, Pharmacokinetic data etc...
  • Why a ChemBioFrance biotool catalog ?
    Biotools that have been identified, thanks to one, or more, pillar of ChembioFrance should be referenced in the database to allow other researchers to use it in their projects.
  • Who may explore the catalog ?
    The access to the catalog is totally free. Just click on biotools link on ChemBioFrance website.
  • Who may propose new biotools to be inserted in the catalogue ?
    Any scientist who has characterized biotools with the help of at least one component of ChemBiofrance ( Chemical library, screening platforms, chemoinformatics services, or ADME-Tox) may insert his probes. ChemBioFrance will advertise the compounds to biologist communities.\r\nResearcher who have headed the drug discovery program will systematically be invited to add their own compounds to the library.
  • How to register a new Biotool?

    1- Connect as a registered member on ChemBioFrance : or  register if this is your first connection:

    2- Once connected, click on this link to add your molecule:

    3- Your new biotools will be validated before it can be registered in the ChemBioFrance biotools catalog.You will be informed by mail of its validation or of the need for someadjustments.

How to request substances from Chimiothèque Nationale by cherry-picking

  • To start...

    1- Register on the website of ChemBioFrance

    2- At the home page, click on the Your Project ( wheel then submit a service request

    3- Then choose the Chemical library component then Compounds and Custom collection (cherry-picking)

  • How to do a research in the compounds database?

    1- Click on the link "I select my substances"

    2- You can:

    • -either draw a structure via the JSME applet,
    • -either enter the name of a compound (eg dopamine) and a smiles appears by clicking on the button "Obtain the smiles code" which you have to drag and drop in the JSME applet,
    • - or enter a Substance ID or a structure ID.

    3- You can complete the request by choosing a structural search mode (by default the search is done by substructure), as well as stereochemistry (by default: no stereochemistry), and also with pharmacochemical criteria (eg . iPPI) and physicochemical criteria (eg molecular weight). If you wish to obtain only the substances available in plates, complete the request via the conditioning criteria.

    4 - Start the research by clicking on the Search button

  • How to add substances in my basket?

    2 options : 

    option 1

    1-Following your previous request, a list of structures will be displayed,

    2- Click on "See the list of substances",

    3- If the substance is available in solution (at Evotec our partner), you can select it by the check box,

    4- when you have finished selecting all the substances, go to "My Basket",

    5- Validate your basket by clicking on the "Validate my basket" button,

    6- You will be redirected to the service request form where you will invited to complete a letter of intent.

    option 2 : 

    1- click on the button  "I import my file of structures IDS",

    2- you can choose to ask for one substance/structure ID or all substances/structure ID,

    3- File of structures IDs must be formatted as follows: AB-00000001; AB-00000002;AB-00000003,(semicolon must separated each structure ID)

    4- a report of the insertion of substances is given,

    5- go to "My Basket" to validate your request.