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Conception and analyzing of chemical library for screening. Analyzing of screening gross data. Virtual screening (similarity 2D and 3D, pharmaceutical library, docking). Biological profiling of molecules (target prediction). Calcul/ Prediction of physicochemical properties (e.g: solubility, logP)

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National Chemical Library

A collection of more than 70.000 compounds and 15.000 extracts, originals, diverse and barely tested. Tailor-made sub-chemical libraries, adapted to your needs. Conditioning appropriate to broadband screenings. Simple procedures that maintain intellectual property. Skilled partnerships to develop hit-to-lead.

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A network of distributed platforms all over the country. A large panel of skills on many screening types. Assistance to devising, miniaturization and standardisation of tests.

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Evaluation of pharmacokinetics properties of biologically active molecules, molecular properties (solubility, pKa, etc.) cellular tests (in vitro), in vivo tests (pharmacokinetics, BHE, etc.)

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