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Postdoctoral position in organic chemistry

General informations

Lieu : CEA-Saclay, Department of bioorganic chemistry and isotopic labeling, Gif sur Yvette
Type de contrat : postdoctoral fellow
Quotité de travail : 100
Employeur : CEA
Rémunération : 2100-2300€ net per month
Date d'embauche prévue : 2022-03-01
Durée du contrat : 12 months
Missions/Activités : In the frame of a collaborative project aiming at discovering new scaffolds of interest, our groups are developing new synthesis methodologies, using innovative technologies to accelerate the optimization and scope processes. This project aims at developing catalytic enantioselective cycloadditions of sydnones in order to efficiently access chiral pyrrazolines. The design of the corresponding catalytic process will rely on the concept of dual catalysis in which both the dipolarophile and the sydnone could be activated. We will study cycloaddition reactions with either electron rich or electron-poor dipolarophiles, which may be activated with a chiral catalyst, while the sydnone may be activated by energy transfer via a photocatalyst from visible light. A High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) approach will be deployed to empower and speed-up the discovery and the optimization of suitable catalytic conditions, and exploring a large number of dipolarophiles.


Niveau d'études souhaité : PhD in organic chemistry
Compétences souhaitées : the successful candidate is a skilled organic chemist, holder of a PhD in organic chemistry, with a strong scientific record, a high motivation. Good verbal and written communication skills and a flair for teamwork are required. The candidate should be au


Autres informations : applicants should send their CV with a list of current publications, a cover letter motivating their interest in the position and the names and addresses of two referees to and . The selected candidate is expected to start in March 2022. Applications are considered from now, until the position is filled.


Lastname : Dr Romero et Dr Vincent
Email : +