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By ministerial decision of May 8, 2018, ChemBioFrance is created and registered on the national roadmap of research infrastructures. ChemBioFrance gathers four different ressources and networks: the national chemical library, a network of screening platforms, a distributed chemoinformatics platform, a network of ADME platforms.

Its management is entrusted to the Institute of Chemistry (INC) of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), which delegates management to a support unit: USCBF-CN.

The CNRS Service Unit UAR3035 (USCBF-CN) is in charge of the operations of the "Chimiothèque Nationale", of the network of screening platforms, chemoinformatics and ADME-Tox. Its missions are: reception and user advice, management of the information system, legal management of projects, networking and communication. The administrative management of the USCBF-CN is assured by Valérie Le Toullec.


ChemBioFrance [CBF] is administered by an Executive Committee, a Trusteeship Council, a Scientific Council and a User Committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee :

- prepares the GIS CBF's general activity program (hereinafter referred to as the General Activity Program), which presents, in particular, the provisional budget of the GIS CBF, the distribution of work among the GIS CBF laboratories and the corresponding funding. This General Activity Program is established taking into account the proposals of the GIS CBF laboratories;

- implements the actions necessary to accomplish the missions of the GIS CBF. 

The Executive Committee is composed of :

- the Director of the GIS CBF Jean-Luc Galzi, and a Deputy Director: Florence Mahuteau

- a representative of the French National Compound Library and his deputy: Pascal Bonnet and Bruno Figadère

- a representative of the screening network and his substitute: Pascal Villa and Priscille Brodin

- a Representative of the chemoinformatics platform and his substitute: Didier Rognan and Dominique Douguet

- a Representative of the ADME-Tox network  : Pascal Villa and Priscille Brodin

- the Deputy Director of the USCBF-CN: Kiet Tran 

Trustees' Council

The Trustees' Council :

is responsible for presenting to the Director of the GIS CBF, any useful recommendations on the long-term orientation and scientific activities of the GIS CBF,

elects or dismisses the Director of the GIS CBF and any Deputy Director, in accordance with Article 4.2.1.

vote on proposals submitted by the Director of the GIS CBF and included in the agenda,

It is composed of representatives of the following members:

four representatives of the CNRS, including 2 representatives of the INSB and 2 representatives of the INC

one representative of CEA,

one representative of Inserm,

one representative of the Institut Curie,

five representatives for the other partners designated jointly at each meeting by the members present.

The other Members are invited to attend the meetings in an advisory capacity.

Scientific Advisory board

The Scientific Advisory Board gathers scientific experts. It provides the infrastructure with external expertise and advice on its activity and functioning. The Scientific Advisory Board meets once a year.

Its composition is as follows:

  • Jean-Pierre Changeux
  • Marcel Hibert
  • Michel Perez
  • Jean-Michel Linget
  • Mabel Loza
  • Jordi Mestres
  • Jean-Louis Reymond
  • Gerardo Turcatti
  • Agnès Delmas
  • May Morris

  • User committee

    Users will be invited to participate to annual meetings of the infrastructure, to report on their screening campaigns and to suggest improvements for higher quality service.


    ChemBioFrance offers to academic or private researchers, resources, equipments, services and expertises for the identification and characterization of biologically active molecules, as well as for their development towards pharmacological tools or their use in the fields of the environment, cosmetics, human and animal health.