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Pyridocarbazole CK2-compound 18

Target nature : CK2
CAS n° : 494770-59-1
Mecanism of action : Inhibition of CK2 kinase inhibition
Physico-chemical properties : Molecular weight 282.72 g.mol-1
Probe availability : Chimiothèque Institut Curie-CNRS
Princeps reference : Cancer Research (2010), 70(23), 9865 DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-10-0917 WO 2011013002
More bibliography : Bioconjugate Chem. 2003, 14, 120 doi10.1021/bc020038w
Other available information on the probe : NA
Other information on the target : NA
Selectivity profile : Panel of 57 recombinant protein kinases.Kinase selectivity profiling of Pyridocarbazole CK2-compound 18 showed that several kinases were significantly affected : Pim-1, Mnk2, DRAK1.
In vivo data : The compound inhibits colony formation and tumor growth.3 times a week during two weeks (intraperitoneal injection in xenografted tumors (U373 cells) in harlan athymic nude mice.0.14 mg/100 µL per injection dissolved in PEG3350 22.5%, bovine serum albumin 0.45%
In vitro data : IC50 (CK2) = 1.5 µM
Toxicity : No in vivo toxicity reported during the in vivo study.
Chaine SMILES : Cc3cnc(Cl)c4c2ccc1cc(O)ccc1c2[nH]c34
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