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cpd14 CCR5 ago

Target nature : CCR5
CAS n° : G274-0349 Supplier chemdivSCR (ChemDiv, Inc.)
Mecanism of action : first non peptide agonist
Physico-chemical properties : en chantier
Probe availability : chemdivSCR (ChemDiv, Inc.) / Laboratoire UMR 7200 CNRS université de Strasbourg, esther Kellenberger
Princeps reference : Kellenberger, E., Springael, JY, Parmentier, M., Hachet-Haas, M., Galzi, J.L., Rognan, D. (2007) Identification of CCR5 non-peptide agonists using structure-base virtual screening. J. Med. Chem. 50, 1294-1303.
More bibliography : none
Other available information on the probe : found by in silico screening
Other information on the target : CCR5 is a target of HIV
Selectivity profile : not done
In vivo data : not evaluated. Mice die in a few minutes
In vitro data : en chantier
Toxicity : very high
Chaine SMILES : Cc5ccc(CN4CCC(CNC(=O)C3CCN(c2ccc(c1cccs1)nn2)CC3)C4)cc5
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