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By ministerial decision of May 8, 2018, ChemBioFrance is created and registered on the national roadmap of research infrastructures. ChemBioFrance gathers four different ressources and networks: the national chemical library, a network of screening platforms, a distributed chemoinformatics platform, a network of ADME platforms.

Its management is entrusted to the Institute of Chemistry (INC) of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), which delegates management to a Research Federation: ChemBioFrance.

The CNRS Service Unit UPS3035 is in charge of the operations of the "Chimiothèque Nationale", of the network of screening platforms, chemoinformatics and ADME-Tox. Its missions are: reception and user advice, management of the information system, legal management of projects, networking and communication.


 ChemBioFrance is administered by an Executive Committee, a Trusteeship Council, a Scientific Council and a User Committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee ensures the running of ChemBioFrance. It is headed by the Director of the ChemBioFrance Research Federation, appointed by the CNRS Institute of Chemistry, and by the Director of the UPS 3035. It also includes two representatives of the main infrastructure service branches(chemical library, screening, chemoinformatic, ADME-Tox) which are co-opted by the branches.

The full Executive Committee meets four times a year, at the invitation of the Director of Infrastructure. Minutes are taken of each of these meetings. The Executive Committee prepares the general infrastructure activity program, which includes ChemBioFrance's sharing of tasks among teams participating to the infrastructure and the corresponding budget. This general activity program is established taking into account the recommendations and advices of the scientific advisory board and of the Users Committee.

The Executive Committee implements the actions required to fulfill ChemBioFrance's missions. The Executive Committee prepares an annual activity report to the Trustees 'Council, the Scientific advisory board and the Users' Committee. the Executive Committee meets twice a month by videoconference to review applications submitted to infrastructure (project selection and task distribution). The executive committee monitors the progress and delivery of the results of each project, establishes usage statistics and activity indicators.

After consultation with the infrastructure experts, the detailed screening project planning is submitted to the applicant for validation    

Shareholders Council

The Trustees' Council is made up of one representative from each of the institutional shareholders involved in the infrastructure, namely: ... (to be completed)  

The shareholders council meets periodically and validates the annual report and projections for the year to go that were established with support of the scientific council.

Scientific Advisory board

The Scientific Advisory Board gathers scientific experts. It provides the infrastructure with external expertise and advice on its activity and functioning. The Scientific Advisory Board meets once a year.

Its composition is as follows:

  • Gilles Aumont
  • Jean-Pierre Changeux
  • Marcel Hibert
  • Michel Perez
  • Jean-Michel Linget
  • Mabel Loza
  • Jordi Mestres
  • Jean-Louis Reymond
  • Gerardo Turcati

  • User committee

    Users will be invited to participate to annual meetings of the infrastructure, to report on their screening campaigns and to suggest improvements for higher quality service.