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Structures of CNE

The Essential Chemical Library (CNE) is a sub-libray of 1040 substances ((, selected by maximal structural diversity from all compounds of CN database. The CNE is available in microplates (96 or 384 wells). Each well contains 1 µl (concentration = 5mM in DMSO).

Structures file of Chimiothèque Nationale

You can also download a file containing all the structures ( of the synthesis products and natural compounds database. To open the Sdfile, you can use DataWarrior (DataWarrior).

Natural extract library

The natural extract library is a collection of extracts prepared starting from plants, marine organisms, lichens, foams, insects... and intended to be evaluated on public or private biological targets. It is supplied by the laboratories partners of the Chimiothèque Nationale.

Click on the link : "Natural Extracts"  to enter the online query module of the natural extracts database.

Compound library

Access to the compound library database through an interface web : 

1-At the home page, click on the "Your Project" wheel then submit a service request

2-Then choose the Chemical library component then Compounds and Custom collection (cherry picking)

3-Click on the link "I select my substances"